Calendar subscription refresh rate not functioning as expected

Checking here before submitting an issue to the github repo. Per the Calendar/CalDAV documentation, I have set calendarSubscriptionRefreshRate to update once every hour, but it has not updated for several days. The server has been restarted. I used Google Calendar’s “Secret address in iCal format.” Thanks for any help or insight.

sudo php occ config:list |grep calendar
        "calendar": {
            "calendarSubscriptionRefreshRate": "P1H",
            "calendar": "2.3.0",

Nextcloud 21.0.3
Ubuntu 20.04.2
Nginx 1.18.0
PHP 7.4.3

Have you seen this thread which also addresses a problem with a Google calendar syncronization:

Apologies for just noticing these in the error log:

Sabre\VObject\InvalidDataException: The supplied iCalendar duration value is incorrect: P1H
Subscription 5 could not be refreshed, refreshrate in database is invalid

Per the PHP DateInterval documentation:

If the duration contains time elements, that portion of the specification is preceded by the letter T .

And all is well. Thank you!