Calendar imports from link; no events appear in calendar


I’m attempting to subscribe to in Nextcloud 17.0.3.

No errors appear when adding the calendar with “New subscription from link” but none of the events appear either.

Any advice on how I can figure out what’s wrong would be appreciated!

I’ve turned on debug output in logging and refreshed the calendar page a few times, here is what I see:

I looked at the calendar page in the nextcloud docs and it doesn’t mention separate logs, so it looks like there just aren’t any errors reported?

If I import the ical link to my phone’s ICSx5, the events do show up.

I also tested the ical file against The site finds an issue with line endings, but nothing else.

See this issue:

Increase your cron frequency if the calendar still doesn’t come after a while.

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From the linked issue I switched from AJAX to real cron jobs.

*/5	*	*	*	*	sudo -u www php -f /usr/local/www/apache24/data/nextcloud/cron.php

That worked, thank you tcit!

Even without the calendar subscription issue it’s always a good idea to have real cron jobs. :slight_smile:

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