[BUG] Internal server error on some domain name - webui break

I think for most of the storage backends, they have a rather good interconnection.

There is a P2P storage backend: Introducing cloud storage in the blockchain with Sia and Nextcloud

Or just keep a backup outside your location. There is no automatic failover procedure but your data should be save as well. As far as I know, they started to work on global scale implementations Nextcloud announces Global Scale architecture as part of Nextcloud 12. They probably look for more partners interested in investing in such a feature.

I have start to write an history of all nextcloud crash in my cluster infra with fully infos (in french but google trad) : https://www.0rion.netlib.re/forum4/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=761&p=1773#p1773
Actually i try to repare but i don’t know if i can continue with nextcloud, if it’s for it to crash again and again every month. The lonely solution i have drop for hack this regular crash is to make a LDAP server and disable server-side encryption. But this solution introduce another point of failure (ldap server) and need learn about another software (LDAP)-

I think most people do not host their cloud, they give the hosting job to OVH or other big brother corporation ^^
They just not need protection again data lost, it’s the job of the hoster.
In own-hosting world, the admin need make all the job and learn everything (for non natural english speaker, it’s not easy to drop fresh informations) and solve more instability than datacenter.

===> storage cluster without point of failure (glusterfs-server replica 3 arbiter 1 (bugged) or Ceph (2 datanodes + 1 metadata node))

I was more thinking about enterprise users, research institutes, companies, … have often their own datacenter. Private users use hosting companies or really host at home (check out all the raspberry topics, they host generally at home). But if you run your Nextcloud server, you are responsible for it and you have to learn it.

it’s a good way to train your English skills. The native English speakers are a minority here!

Oki the backup is finished and nexctloud re-work. :star_struck::hugs:
Or their is a problem i don’t have drop, or it’s the btrfs errors the origine of the bug.

I have write more than 100 tutorials for creat my infra. (and it not finished)
I don’t think other people has this motivation :smiley: After it’s depend what people need. For just 1 or 2 users one mono server with backup on other server is good enough. But if you need a scalable system and no point of failure it’s crazy what all knowledge you need (and in some subject finding help is almost impossible, such as asking “which storage cluster software to use”)

And only you try to help me ^^