Birthdays Calendar reminders : cannot change the time?

I’m using the automatic Birthdays calendar created by the information set for my Contacts.
I can see it fine and use it.
The only thing is that every Birthday will be reminded at midnight. Why not, if you want to be accurated but why is it impossible to change the time of that reminder ??
Any other event in the Calendar can have one or several reminders at different times.
But not the automatic Birthdays calendar…

I hope I was clear !

Thanks for your help.

Hello @Scaro and welcome to the support forum!

Since most app developers don’t read here, i would advise you to open a new feature request in thr repository of the calendar app where the development happens :slightly_smiling_face:


@stefan-niedermann I think that problem has already been addressed here:

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

Thanks @j-ed ! I wrote a comment on that GitHub section. We will see what will happen. But I’m surprise that in 4 years, the only solution was a script to be run every upgrade !!! As there is no solution, I will recreate the Birthday calendar on my own.
I guess I will export it, change manually the hour of the reminder that seems to be linked to that field :
and import it once again.
It won’t be automatized for a new entry but nevermind…

Here is 2-pences solution (once again not automatized so any additional Contact will create a potential new Birthday, so you will need to redo that… it will depend on your socal life ! :wink: )
Going to my NextCloud Calendar, I exported the Birthdays Calendar created in Read-Only mode using the Contacts data. I exported locally on my desktop with a different name.
I simply opened it with a basic text editor and I modified this line in order to change the title of the calendar (most easy to find it later) :
And after that with a simple “Find and Replace” I changed every entry called :
So on my case every notification will be send at 10am after the start of the event and not at midnight. After that I :
Saved the new file (modified calendar opened with the text editor)
Importd it on your NextCloud Calendars
Changed the colour
Deactivated the original and Read-Only Birhtdays calendar
And that’s it !
I hope I was clear…

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