Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?


I aggree, but I think it is also important to realize how frikin popular this piece of HW really is. You will reach much more people to be able to host their stuff, which is my goal.

People don’t even want to try studying and comparing dozens of different boards, they just go for the popular option.

It is usable, just not super fast throughput but for many that’s ok.

That being said, we have to look into the future ;D


I’m thinking about it, it looks really good plus I NEED more developer support. The problem is that all the containers I have seen from them (not many, admitedly) are based on Alpine, and I was going for a debian aproach.

Not a difficutly that is final but that is a decision I would have to make and going for alpine would kill the “SD card” approach. Right now I generate both the SD card image and the docker container from the same code.

edit: also I have been looking into dietpi for that: slimmer Debian ARM images and they have good HW support it seems, but I think that the container approach is easier to maintain and more general. libreelec would do it also just fine I guess.


Personally I would go for ubuntu xenial as it supports both aufs & overlayfs.
libreelec at a glance looks like a cut down ubuntu maybe debian.

Also the kernel 4.9 as the odroid guys with the usb/sata bridge have chosen that for a reason and I am presuming its part of the usb UASP sata FIS stuff and with all the vendors doing there own special USB extra’s rather than a singular strict RFC its taken to 4.9 to get to a stage where the device trees are getting somewhere near capable.

I am still waiting for a Rock64 and wanted to hear more about that usb-sata bridge on the oDroid.
Thought I might have the Rock64 by now but maybe I should grab an oDroid HC1.
In fact an Xu4 so I can chose which sata bridge or not

oDroid is mainly on Ubuntu 16.04 4.9 with Rock64 on Ubuntu & Stretch 4.4

I would say go with Ubuntu and backport 4.9


I got mine :wink:

Thanks, that’s another option: instead of alpine go for one of those so there can be SD card images + docker containers from the same build system, like I am doing now with Raspbian.


Yeah for many they just want an image they can burn to a SD or eMMC that is already setup that maybe gives them a few changes on users, passwords and domain and stuff.

If the rock doesn’t turn up by friday then I think its Odroid time as the xenial 4.9 kernel they have will be interesting in just some tests I want to do with multiple disks.


Cool, tell us how it goes


Are there actually any more beefy (>2gb ram?) router type boards that run OpenWRT? I think you can also get Nextcloud running on that, so having a meshed kind of Nextcloud instance directly integrated in each of your routers (or Wifi-repeaters, Mesh-nodes etc.) would be really cool.


You can really run openwrt on any board. Ideally with miniPCIe 2.0 and 802.11ac wave 2.

There are PHP7 packages for openwrt/LEDE

That’s interesting xD


To add to this: there are some powerful boards but they are very expensive.

The Gateworks Ventana GW5400 has 4 PCI 2.0 slots (so 2 ac wave2 radios plus a small SSD would be possible), 4 cores 1GHz imx6 and 1GB ram. Pretty powerful for a domestic router, even though it is ~3years old, but it is in the range of hundreds of dollars


You can definitely get something cheaper than that, this for example:

It should sell for around $100 ($85 plus shipping from China).


wow that’s impressive. I am so out of date xD

That is such a nice set of specs, omg. If I recall correctly, the MALI is closed source but who cares for a headless cloud / router. SATA and USB3 …

I have an old LEDE docker container, maybe it could run along the NextCloudPi docker container if I update it.


Yeah, but MT & BananaPI have notoriously bad software support… otherwise I would also think this is a great offer. Well maybe it will really take off in the LEDE community and software support will come from there. Lets see.

New NextCloudPi image, please share!

yeah, it’s interesting to keep an eye on. Also miniPCIe 2.0 is the perfect fit for 802.11ac wave2. Many manufacturers ship wave 2 boards with PCI1.1 nowadays which is not ideal

edit: if it only had POE it would be perfect hardwarewise


Hopefully it is much better than the original BPI-R1 that was thrown out of Armbian because it was so extremely bad.

@nachoparker Maybe the Clearfrog:


Finally got a tracking ref from pine and the rock64 is on its way and as writing this its at the door!?

Great though


cool, I am almost done with the docker image that includes 12.0.3, ncp-web and all the extras, but I had to pause that in order to release the new SD card with the wizard, so hopefully next week.

In the meantime you can try the older container (12.0.0), but it doesn’t have the extras, nor the NCP web interface.



I didn’t read the hole Thread. Some people use the odroid C2. Which is nice and fast with emmc Card. Which app do you use to read docs and excel files? Onlyoffice or collabora don’t work.


You could use this “zombie” but it is not advisable to rely on it too much:


if “cheap” is relative and not exclusively measured in €$€$€$€, i’d rather go for sth. like this:
(no, i am not affiliated with them in any way, i just like them ol’ reliable workhorses :wink: )


I used and Rootserver until last month but 25 euro plus 25 euro for the backupserver is too much only for website hosting and cloud.