Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?


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Well, of course I would like to! but the reality is that I would not be able to support all the issues by myself on top of the Raspbian version.

I see a couple options in case you would be interested

  • Port NextCloudPi from Raspbian to whatever Debian based version the board supports. This should not be too hard, mostly tweaking repositories and package versions. The configuration and installation steps have already been prooved and tested, it would definitely safe time and probably yield better results that starting from scratch. I would help and get involved of course.
  • Use the NextCloudPi docker for ARM. Actually situations like this are the very reason why I created it. The gotcha is that it’s based on Raspbian and that is 32bit. This is because Raspbian doesn’t support 64 bits and because it makes it compatible with the RPi2. Probably it would be fine, because the bottleneck is throughput and I/O capacity, and in NC 13 the 2GB upload limitation for 32bit has been worked around. This option is REALLY easy, and portable, probably the best. The other problem is that some things would not be covered, such as wifi configuration or automount from nextcloudpi-config
  • A and then B. Create a docker container based on a different Debian for ARM system other than Raspbian, if it prooves to work better/be better supported :slight_smile:

Are you gents in? In that case I would order the Rockboy ASAP, maybe an odroid too :wink:


My thoughts:

Yes, Option A and then work on Option B.

I am pretty new to Linux, so I don’t know how much assistance I can be in building Option A. I am always happy to learn, if you both can guide me through what I’d need to do.

As for Option B, I know nothing about Docker so I don’t think I’ll be of any help there.

I will look at procuring an Rock64 board and maybe an Odroid XU4 in a month or so. Got some other things to take care of first.

Thanks, let me know if you all decide to go forward.


Hopefully the ROCK64 is much much much better than the Pine64. The latter is considered as one of the worst boards by the Armbian community due to its severe problems with overheating, hardware bugs and so on. The download page of Armbian shows a long list of problems with the board (usually the manufacturer supplied software/images are even worse because they are simply thrown out without further checking):


I haven’t got the board and been out of the scene for a couple of months but here is my take from memory.
When I get the board I will start a thread and post definitive answers from experience.

Part of the problem with 32bit OS is that various repos’s / apps are not supporting them. Docker is a problem and there are workarounds but its one of the reasons why I started to search for a 64Bit OS supported SoC.
The Pi initiative has been amazing but there are some serious limitations with the PI3 with 64bit & what I personally think is I/O that borders on, not fit for purpose.

I am blind though until I get that board which is ordered and set for release on the 30th.
Another reason why I went 64bit is 4Gb RAM as that should create some effective file buffers & caches.
Even though this boards are just a few $ more than the Pi there are quite a few adavantages and why I wouldn’t go for the oDroid.

Nextcloud itself is a webapp and relatively easy to install and can be containerized (dockerised :slight_smile: ) and I need to check up the situation on aufs & overlayFS in respect to Docker & kernels as it was a problem in Jessie and not sure about Stretch.
It will either be Debian Stretch or Ubuntu Xenial depending on Docker and which one it fits natively.

Need to catch up with Collabora as LibreOnline is for me an essential addition and just see how much work is needed with that docker image.
Plan to stick openmediavault on there also prob with Dnsmasq and get DHCP and the Collabora domains to be automated by turning off router DHCP and using Dnsmasq as its so light and simple.
I am going to run with a cheap 4bay RAID unit and doing perf tests on that.

I think just provide an image that people can just ‘burn’ to SD card or eMMC which is apparently the same image with the tools provided or
Just have a password change script so people can just get a board copy the image and go.

So yeah I will be playing with the Rock64 and will join in, may even also have parallel threads, but until I get my hands dirty I just don’t know.


I am going of the Armbian guys and they seem to like it. Pine64 was there starter project and a bit like the laptop thing they went through a learning curve. have a read.

What it does do is beat the pants out of a Raspberry Pi for many reasons @ a price of a few dollars more.
I would of chosen a RK3399 but actually the cost is so close to I86_64 levels until it drops its a no.

Its purchased and will be able to post real world results, so I guess we will have to wait and see.
The first shipments where only in June so its all very, very new but it does look very promising.

Also for the technical and just hooking up a small box to some USB storage as a more completed product than us tinkerers and enthusiasts.

Prob also going take a punt on a 4GB TV box if I get success with the SBC


Awesome. I would just try the docker image first, and assess wether we port it to another base image.

Docker on Raspbian works quite well. We would have to see on the other boards. As long as they have modern kernels should be fine.

The docker container is ready to use and I am currently making it on par with the SD card image. Almost done. If you are up to it, we could adapt NCP installation scripts, I would like to have more eyes looking at them and we could reuse the ‘extras’.

Please, let us know when you have a first look at the board and if you think is good enough I will order one myself, then we can try dockers/SD cards, benchmarks and all the rest :wink:


Yeah but much went into the ArmHF support of Docker for Raspbianand its quite absent with Arm64 as far as I know.

Soon as I get it, I will, the next batch isn’t shipping until the 30th though.


aaah right, the OS is 64 bit unlike Raspbian


Yeah hence the 4Gb Ram. There are a rake of 64bit Arm devices available and coming online and expecting in general 64bit becoming a norm.
32bit is prob going to bite the dust as fabrication becomes ever cheaper and the likes of Android switching to 64bit that is not really much but legacy now.

I think you can run ArmHF on 64 bit just like you can I386 on I86_64 but thinking why invest in legacy now?

It might mean compiling docker and Collabora but planning on investing a bit of time and with collaboration think it may happen pretty quick.


Yeah, the only reason for me is to support RPi2. I am also guessing the docker/SD image will be compatible and will be able to be run by the 64 bit system, but it’s true that sooner or later the leap will have to be made :wink:

I was also looking into porting collabora/onlyoffice to an ARM docker image… but things go slow because I have quite a bit to deal with already xD


PS after a break from Nextcloud for several months just caught up with what you have done with NextCloudPi.

Yeah that is just about perfect and thanks for what must be a lot of work. Really like what you have done have you got a separate thread for NextCloudPi?

PS with DNSMasq I think for endusers its easier for it to handle DHCP & DNS so an enduser just has to turn off DHCP on the router which could simplify things for use.


Do you mean in the forums? I was sending people here, to appliances

That’s interesting. I have thought about it and eventually decided against it but I would like other points of view. Would you like to open a feature request in github?


Hi folks, I am TL Lim, PINE64 founder. Glad to know the interest on ROCK64 board in Nextcloud forum. As usual, we always provide free board to developers. @nachoparker, @Stuart_Naylor, and @Jeffery_Frederick, please email me ( your shipping info as below format, I will ship out the ROCK64 board to you within a week time (assume still has stock),
Nextcloud name:
Full name:
Zip Code:
Country code:
Phone number (for shipping purpose):
email address (for shipping purpose):

… TL Lim

















$11.99 via Standard Flat Rate

Payment Method:




Customer details

PS have the diodes on the board been sorted as the Armbian guys seemed to have to make some mods before USB3.0 returns good throughput?

Many Thanks



I already contacted @tllim for mine ( thanks )


Its posted my whole email :slight_smile: lols never mind.


lol, I think you can edit it :wink:



Can anyone post the performance results in comparison with raspberry Pie 3B?

The https WebSite is very slow using Rasp3b (10 -20 seconds until everything is loaded) so I am very interested if there were a significant boost.


Many Thanks,


Will do,

Note that there are important improvements in loading speed of the web UI. RPi3 hardware is powerful enough to load it faster, but there are some optimizations that need to be made.

There’s work in progress that will land in NC 13 if I am not mistaken that will hopefully improve the situation.



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