Best cheap hardware to run Nextcloud on?

I have released NCP images for the Odroid HC1/HC2/XU4 (link)

Rock64 images are in the oven

If anyone would like to contribute by building or testing in a different armbian supported board, read the above link and hope in. Any help would be much appreciated!


Rock64 images available

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I have just installed Nextcloud on the Odroid Cloudshell 2 (Odroid-XU4) plattform and it runs like a charm. Basic system (board and case) are about 150$ and then you can add two HDD (RAID Harware controlled). A nice little personalized NAS-solution.

Nice thread.

Anyone has seen and thought about using the RockPro64 (with 4GB Ram)?

I have used/tested a raspberry Pi 3B+ but in my use case it’s to slowwww…

Mainly I wanted to use NextCloud to share images with friends and family but the preview is really to slow (also if I have preloaded all images to create the thumbnails just before - so they were Cached).

Also an “upgrade” to Odroid C2 was not successfull in making this really usable.

I made some real szenario benchmarks and the Odroid C2 was defenetly an improvement, but still too slow.
(all tests have been made using a fast USB3.0 USB Stick and a ~95MB/s read, ~90MB/s write Samsung Evo Plus 32GB SD card )

now I’m considering to buy a RockPro64 as it has USB3.0 and a better CPU (and a lot more… but it’s also a huge SOC board).

I don’t know what the bottleneck is in may case - I would say the Odroid C2 has not enough CPU power for the image preview.
Gigabit Ethernet and my Upload speed is definitely not the problem…
so it must be CPU and/or USB 2.0.

so what do you think?
what is my bottleneck and will the RockPro64 help on this and might you guys also do this great NCP for it?

Link to RockPro64:

After using Raspberry pi 3, i finally gone for something more powerful - mini pc with celeron 3965u (~85 euros, w/o ram and hdd), installed there 8GB ram and 512 hdd. So much faster then Pi3, full usb 3.0 aupport and rean Gigabit lan :slight_smile: Running nextcloud installation in virtualbox on top of installed Debian and 2nd virtual machine (ubuntu) for home mediaserver

Thanks for sharing @User_home

So its even 30% faster than the RK3399…
also if its more expensive with the ram

Could you maybe termporarily share a gallery so I can check how fast the images are previewed?

I have NCP running on a Rock64( 4GB Ram) and am very happy with it. Don’t do much with the preview feature. I will try to do some testing when I get home from traveling.

I have a 4 TB USB 3 external hard drive connected and it works well. Not super speedy when uploading 50 GB of files for the first time, but bad during normal daily use.

you meant “not bad” ?

My up and download speeds are OK even with the Raspberry Pi2 it was “ok” for me because I dont have that much data to transmitt.
But the preview was always the problem.

What board are you using @Jeffery_Frederick?

And thanks for testing it. If you dont want to share a gallery it would also be great to see a video of the preview… likely from a remote/mobile internet because that would be the real use scenario and the bottleneck thing :slight_smile:

Thanks dude

I sent you server coordinates via private message :slight_smile:

Yes, I did mean NOT bad…

Rock64 with 4GB.

I will test the Preview when I get home. Might share a link if I have some stuff to put into a folder and turn on preview.

@User_home: Thanks man! I really appreciate it and will test tomorrow.

@Jeffery_Frederick: The Rock64 has a rk3328 and is the little brother of the RockPro64 with its rk3399.

would anyways be interesting if and how much it beats the Odroid C2…
and of course how the Rockpro can perform

Helios4 does a new campaign, maybe somebody is interested. A board with 4 SATA ports and 2GB ECC RAM might be of interest for NAS applications:

Do I miss something or is the Helios4 heavily overpriced?
175USD for a 2GB dualcore Cortex-A9 @1.6 Gh…

OK, 4 SATA ports are nice, but defenitly not with an acrylic “case” that has bad heat dissipation.

The bottlenecks will here be the small ram and the slow CPU that is not good for multible users and/or image sharing.

It has ECC RAM which might drive up the price, but otherwise 2GB RAM and a dual core 32-bit ARM core is really quite a bit underpowered.

yeah… I mean… for low budget (~70USD) its ok, but you get an Intel Celeron 3965u with 8GB DDR4 ram for the price of this 32bit dual core 2GB DDR3L (even its EEC… its slower and not replacable like the one from User_home).

But interessing what kind of hardware tries to get into the cloud market.

I read most of this thread. To me it seems the odroid-xu4 is good value for money and has decidedly better performance than an rpi2 (which i currently have). I’ve been looking for something with good performance for 1-5 users + nas + raid.

so odroid-xu4 with cloudshell2 seems to be most suitable in the category cheap hardware to run nc on.

i also considered rock64, helios4, asus tinkerbox and the wandpi-8m-deluxe, but they seemed either inferior or as with the wandpi, don’t know if even compatible.

if anyone has a suggestion for an upgrade from odroid-xu4 with cloudshell2 nas, then it would be interesting to hear. Otherwise this seems to be a suitable upgrade from rpi2 at least…

Hello thomaslp,
I’ve 2 Odroid HC1 (same Hardware as Odroid-XU4) running with Fedora 28 and Nextcloud for 5 User without any problems. Additional 1 Odroid-XU4 with CloudShell 1 as development plattform with Fedora 28 and 1 Odroid XU4 with Cloudshell2 with actual Ubuntu (with GUI) for playing around.
Very good performance. All server for infrastructure that I have are ARM.

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How do you deal with the 32 bit nature of the cpu - you can’t deal with files over 4gb right?

@Jeffery_Frederick how is the Rock64? The 4gb ram version seems the perfect Nextcloud server! With the OS and database on the flash or EMMC and storage on the USB3 and/or the 2 USB 2 ports it should give very decent performance. Heck, put primary storage on the USB3 and use the USB2 for backup or less used external storage… The board costs 45 dollar, I see, that’s very decent.

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Yes you’re right. But I didnt have a problem with this. We’re using Nextcloud in our familily to synchronise photos, caldav, cardav, and so on.

I like also Cubietruck. It has 2 GB RAM and 2 Cores A20. It is very cheap to get used, especially after holidays when it was presented to many people and they like to get rid of it. Works good with NC.