Beginner needs help figuring out .tar

New to Nextcloud, new to Raspberry Pi…I’m trying to get NextCloudPi set up (following How to install NextCloudPi) and didn’t get far before I got stuck.

I’m trying to use a Windows computer to set up the SD card following the instructions above and it says “1. Run 7-Zip manager, find your downloaded .tar.bz2 file, right click and choose “extract here”. Next select the .tar file you just extracted, right click and choose “extract here” again. You should now see an .img file.”

On the github page the guide links to there are 12 files listed, but none are .tar.bz2 files (they’re either .tar.gz or .zip. I’m guessing the guide was written when .tar.bz2 files were used, but now they’ve been replaced by .tar.gz and .zip.

I downloaded figuring that must be the file I need. When I extracted the files there was only a single .img file: NextCloudPi_RaspberryPi_v1.52.0. I didn’t have to extract a second .tar file, but I’m wondering if I’m on the right track or not?

Do I chooseNextCloudPi_RaspberryPi_v1.52.0.img choose that file and follow the rest of these steps.
4. Run Etcher and click “Select Image”. Find your image (the .img file) you have just extracted and click “Open”.
5. Etcher automatically detects the SD card, but verify that is the one you want the image to be installed on.
6. Click “Flash” in Etcher.

and keep following the steps in the guide to get NextCloud configured?

First steps

Startup NextCloudPi first time

Remove the SD card and insert it to the Raspberry Pi. Then connect the Raspberry Pi to your home router with an ethernet cable and power on your Raspberry Pi.

Now you have NextcloudPi almost up and running. Continue with How to access NextCloudPi for Activation

Any help is appreciated!

Yes you choose the extracted .img file with etcher. It does not matter how it was compressed, as long as it is correct extracted and appears an an .img file. Then choose that .img file with etcher.

Yes Windows is very complicated and you need software like “Etcher”. But isn’t there a standard function in Windows by now? On a Debian based linux server or linux client you simply can use “/sbin/dd” from default package “coreutils”. Wikipedia


Thanks for the help @Kerasit and @devnull.
I’ve made some progress, but could am going to need more help to get his working. So far I’ve gotten the image written to the SD card, stuck the SD card into the pi and a bunch of text scrolled across the screen and then the message “Which user would you like to rename?”
I changed the user name and set a password.
Debian GNU/Linux11 nextcloudpi tty1came up and then asked for my login and password

I logged in and then got the message “NextCloudPi v1.52.0 is outdated update to v1.52.1 through ‘ncp-config’ or type ‘sudo ncp-update’
Wi-Fi is currently blocked by rfkill.
Use raspi-config before use”

I tried ‘ncp-config’ and ‘sudo ncp-update’ and got the message “-bash: sudo ncp-config: command not found”

I’m at a loss for what to do now. I’m beginning to think I’m either in over my head or that I downloaded the wrong image and I need to start over.
I’ve been trying to follow the instructions on How to access NextcloudPi first time & Activation and was expecting a web interface, but so far I’ve only seen the text interface. If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, how to get back on track or point me to a more straightforward guide for setting up nextcloudpi I will really appreciate it.

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but am not having any success so far.

Thanks for any help.