Backup contacts and calendar from database

Hello, I automatically back up my files to a USB stick every day. I also want to back up the data from the calendar and address book. Are these stored in a database? If yes, where? I want to back them up every day. Many Thanks.

You could use calcardbackup to backup calendars and addressbooks.


Would it still be interesting to know where the data is stored?

Its in the database table {prefix}_cards

Hello Matti,

Yes these infos are in the database, I recently restored a crashed
database from a dump, I got all my contats and events.

I dunno precisely which tables. But a good practice is too backup the
whole database :

$ mysqldump -unextcloud -p nextcloud >
nextcloud.dailydump.sql | bzip2

Hope this helps,


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calcardbackup uses these tables to backup calendar and addressbook data:


Please note, that your table prefix might be different from oc_.

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Many Thanks. Can I change the backup path? I once adjusted the script, but it gives me a lot of errors. I want to change the “backupfolder”. Is it that easy?

Use the option


You may want to have a look at the repos README for a quick howto, additional options and examples.

OK thank you

Hello, How can I copy the files back from the calendar?

I don’t quite understand. Do you want to reimport the backed up files to Nextcloud?

Sorry that I answer so late, I meant how I can take the saved Contacts.vcf back into the Nextcloud?

  • either upload the vcf to your Nextcloud and then click on it - it will be imported to the contacts app
  • or import the vcf into the contacts app of a carddav-client. The client will then sync the imported contacts to your Nextcloud
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