Background jobs not working

Thank you for your help, you’ve been very helpful and patient.
I’ll now see if I can find any info online on how get Nextcloud to use php8.1 instead of php8.0
If it is too complicated, I might as well leave my NC without memory cache, or maybe reinstall from scratch if I find the time and courage !
Thank you once again.

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Have you tried to change your default php version ?
You can have a look here for exemple.

I managed to change my default php version for apache2 following instructions similar to the ones you provided.
I also installed all required php modules.
I then checked with a phpinfo file and got confirmation that apache was now using php8.1 instead of php8.0.
And by checking Nextcloud’s Admin System page I could see that it was now nicely using php8.1.
And I could finally fix the memory cache issue.
A nice green check and an “All checks passed” message now appear in the Overviews " Security & setup warnings" page.
Thank you for your help with this, much appreciated :slight_smile: