As of 3/20/2020, how usable is Nextcloud Talk for a 10+ person videoconference?

It might be relevant to add, that especially video conference performance of different software solutions in the current situation can also be randomly affected by the general network performance and can be misinterpreted.

We had an issue yesterday and it broke down a conference here in Germany on the early Saturday evening. Probably a general network overload due to people sitting at home, using streaming services instead of the usual Saturday evening social activities?

To anyone who needs a working conference right now, but can’t get Nextcloud Talk to work with 4+ people: I just wrote a Jitsi intergration chat bot for Nextcloud Talk:

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If somebody wants to implement an Open Source SFU/MCU, here is the corresponding issue:

This MCU strategy could make me use more simple storage solutions instead of Nextcloud. Sadly this feels like typicaly milking the oss community and then making a paid service out of it.
So some usable jitsi could let me stick to nextcloud. Talk is unusable! Its the worst “conference” system i’ve ever used and the limitations makes it useless.

Hello and welcome to the forums.

Who is milking you or me? I can use Nextcloud for file sharing and use the apps the way I want.
You like to have video conference system for more then 10 users? And for free (for sure )!

There are some. For free.

Wow! First posting to a community forum and we get such nice words from you. How does this helps anyone?

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Negative for Nextcloud Talk

already tested Jitsi setup is very easy using their quick install on ubuntu/debian using only 4core CPU and 5gb Memory successfully handled 10 to 30 participants video con with good quality audio and video

Thank You

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I understand your concerns regarding my first post, but this has nothing to do with the problem itself.
I wonder wy this is not owncloud. The MCU tactic is exactly the same, they circumvent the AGPL. Sadly i read this article : in 2016 and it seams more and more that i missunderstood Frank there.
But this is going to be hardly offtopic and does not reflect the time spend on writing anything here.

Have a great time and stay healthy.

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I am also trying to work NC Talk for more then three users, but it just does not work. I have a Turn server with 32gig ram and 16 cpu (I think they are not quite required but nevertheless, should not hurt).

I can get three people conferencing smoothly without any issue but as soon as others come in, things start to mess up.

My turn server is in public ip without any firewall. Any suggestion on how I can incorporate more users ?

I made the experience that talk worked perfectly for up to 5 people in conference with audio and video. If more people join, the problems start. Video is delayed. Some people cannot hear others and new participants are not able to join. I would say 10+ does not work. I’m using an own turn server VM on debian stretch. The situation improved a bit by using Nextcloud public stun together with my turn server. My turnserver is a VM with 2CPU an 4GB RAM. I’m using turnserver version Nextcloud is 18.0.4 and Talk is 8.0.8.

Probably the problems could also be related to the coturn. Regularily I see messages like that:
incoming packet ALLOCATE processed, error 486: Allocation Quota Reached

but I do not know which quota is meant here and how I can change that. If someone has an idea let me know :wink:

The latest (8.0.9) comes with a lot of performance improvements including automatically adjusting quality depending on the number of participants. Most modern systems and networks should sustain 7-10 people in a call.

If you need more, we open sourced the back-end, you could give it a try. Info: