As of 3/20/2020, how usable is Nextcloud Talk for a 10+ person videoconference?

Asking as people are turning to video conferencing due to Covid 19 shuttering homes, etc. How easy is it for a home admin to setup a 10+ person video conference?

I do not see people discussing Talk… just Jitsi, Zoom, Skype, Mumble, Hangouts… thoughts and setup suggestions appreciated! I’ve noticed there is not yet much documentation regarding this, so perhaps we can change that!


Probably good if someone has the “High Performance Package”. Otherwise I never had much success with more than 5 people.

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-> Videoconference performance

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Thanks! I’m specifically asking for home admins, not enterprise.

setup is easy. but it doesn’t perform with more 5+.

jitsi cost me 30min to setup.


Is a 10+ conference any easier for home admins as audio only?

Actually, do you know, which are min. reqs. for the hosting device? Will Pi manage it?

I would say no.

It doesn’t make a real difference these days, which kind of data is transmitted (regarding setup and WebRTC, only bandwith and CPU load should be affected).

You still need to set up the infrastructure to make it possible for the clients to communicate with each other. Once this is done Video/Audio is handled by WebRTC protocol and the Client Software.

May I know sir if there is recommended specs for server and bandwidth if you have 10 to 20 people videoconference for Nextcloud Talk?

saw this topic and reply by sir aaron

With 8gb RAM , 6 Core CPU and gigabit internet works fine the nextcloud talk

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Is this a deduction from the information in the stated post, or are you really able to host a smooth running 10+ person videoconference in Talk without paying the signaling server from Nextcloud GmbH? Could you please describe what you did to achieve that?

I wasn’t able to host a smoothly running videoconference on Talk with 6 persons (no performance problem on the server side, the bottleneck was on the client’s side.)

im also asking what recommended server/internet speed for 10 to 20 people video conferencing without paying signaling server from nextcloud… it’s possible or not ?

The simple answer is, it will not work without the support from Nextcloud GmbH.
Additionally it is somehow independent from your server’s internet connection and performance, even if you have a pretty sophisticated one.

Use another solution (e.g. jitsi), see the other thread, too:

You might be interested into this comment from @jospoortvliet:

It says that all clients need a very very powerful internet connection as well as PC.

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Hmm, in my experience most everyone I know is on basic broadband. Many people I know do not have gigabit connectivity or very high end hardware. The experience I’ve encountered is that people want to jump on a video call regardless of their internet connectivity… usually, disabling video is expected to improve the overall performance.

It would be great to actually flesh out documentation of what can be achieved in terms of a dependable Talk setup, even if that means limiting to 4 users, etc. for us on home connections. I’m down to help test and write such documentation…


I think its uselesss to me to use Nextcloud talk if you can only video conferencing for 5 person and not smooth even you have good hardware and internet speed…

Nextcloud is for files not to video conferencing

Thats why I want to read official documentation for that to fully understand…

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Exactly! Let’s do our best to confirm what setup is needed to host conferences for:

  • 10 to 20 people
  • 5 to 10 people
  • 1 to 5 people

Sir @system and sir @jospoortvliet requesting for you kind assistance/comment

thank you

I tried last night with 3 people and visio worked without pb (sometimes muting my mike)
my server is Intel® Atom™ CPU C2338 @ 1.74GHz Intel® Atom™ CPU C2338 @ 1.74GHz (2 2 cores)
Memory: 3.9 GB
I will try next week with more people and let you know how it fares
(Note that for a 2 people conversation there was some hickups when at the same time uploading data to a shared folder (many 3MB+ files) )
Hope this helps.

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Not sure about 10+ participants, but James Bottomley, an IBM Research Distinguished Engineer and senior Linux kernel developer who works closely with Torvalds uses it one-on-one (and also Zoom)…:slight_smile: