Apps page error after update to 25

After update from latest stabil version 24 to 25, the apps page/store are not loading. Cannot see installed apps, disable or enable apps, install new apps.

Log error

Exception: OC\App\PlatformRepository::normalizeVersion(): Argument #1 ($version) must be of type string, null given, called in …/App/PlatformRepository.php on line 53 in file …/App/PlatformRepository.php’ line 148


Change PlatformRepository.php line 148


public function normalizeVersion(string $version, ?string $fullVersion = null): string {


public function normalizeVersion($version, $fullVersion = null) {

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Had same issue.

Applied change to file stated in your post and it fixed the connectivity problem.

Thanks a lot for sharing it.

Same issue here.
I can fix it with ur solution too.

Thank u very much

If you have suggestions for improvements, please submit a pull request on Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub. This way, it will get in the updates, it will be tested and reviewed.

There is already a corresponding bug report, please refer to it when submitting a fix:

I just see that you disable the type hints. That might be a workaround if you are blocked by the issue. For a clean fix, there should probably be a cleaner fix that the type hints won’t fail any more. Sorry for the noise about the pull request.

I’m having the same issue.

Thank you! Had the same issue and this fix worked.

Hi NC100! Thank you for discovering this and posting the solution. It worked.

This is an issue that were present in v17 or something as well but there was no solution. I recently install Nextcloud again and still this same problem. At least now there is a solution.

Sorry, I don’t understand, where to “disable the type hints”
Since it was no problem for me to edit lib/private/App/PlatformRepository.php like explained here, I did that at the installation which suffered the issue.

This is only a temporary solution.

A fix for this is posted on Github

The file will be updated 25.0.2

See this post if you like to implement it now