Apps not compatible with NC 27 yet

NC 27 is approaching and there are still some apps not compatible with the new version (Follow up from NC 26)

In these lists are apps from the app store that were compatible with NC 26 (and NC 25) but don’t show a release yet for NC 27. This topic is a wiki, so you can edit the list or you can change the links, eg. there is a specific bug report issue we haven’t noticed.

  • Click the checkbox once compatibility for the corresponding repo is added. :white_check_mark:
  • I just auto-generated this list of apps available on the app store. Some apps are discontinued for newer versions (e.g. twofactor, …).
  • @bug-hunters and other volunteers, fans of specific apps, please help the developers to test and validate the apps for the upcoming NC 27.
  • List of apps looking for a new maintainer.

98 not compatible (but were available on NC26):
Note: these apps might be as easy a fix as clicking enable manually as an admin.
Checking a project’s Git issues and pull requests is recommended. :slight_smile:

45 not compatible (but were available on NC25):

By parsing the info.xml files, I found some that can be removed from this lists:

Part 1 (not compatible but were available on NC26):

approval - nextcloud/approval

		<nextcloud min-version="24" max-version="28"/>

auto_groups - stjosh/auto_groups

        <nextcloud min-version="20" max-version="27"/>

files_fulltextsearch - nextcloud/files_fulltextsearch

		<nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="25"/>

fulltextsearch - nextcloud/fulltextsearch

		<nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="25"/>

libresign - LibreSign/libresign

        <nextcloud min-version="27" max-version="27"/>

metadata - gino0631/nextcloud-metadata

        <nextcloud min-version="24" max-version="27" />

preferred_providers - nextcloud/preferred_providers

        <nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="27"/>

registration - nextcloud/registration

		<nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="27" />

sharepoint - nextcloud/sharepoint (Release: 26, Master 28)

        <nextcloud min-version="28" max-version="28" />

user_usage_report - nextcloud/user_usage_report

		<nextcloud min-version="27" max-version="27" />

workflow_script - nextcloud/workflow_script (Release: 26, Master 28)

		<nextcloud min-version="28" max-version="28" />

Some of the following can be removed, some can go to List Part 1

Part 2 (not compatible but were available on NC25):

bbb - sualko/cloud_bbb Release 25, Master 26

        <nextcloud min-version="23" max-version="26"/>

facerecognition - matiasdelellis/facerecognition Master 26

		<nextcloud min-version="26" max-version="26"/>

files_downloadlimit - nextcloud/files_downloadlimit

		<nextcloud min-version="25" max-version="27" />

ransomware_protection - nextcloud/ransomware_protection

		<nextcloud min-version="24" max-version="26" />

related_resources - nextcloud/related_resources Master 28

		<nextcloud min-version="28" max-version="28"/>

suspicious_login - ChristophWurst/suspicious_login Master 27

		<nextcloud min-version="27" max-version="27"/>

twofactor_totp - nextcloud/twofactor_totp 26 is runing here, 27 ready

		<nextcloud min-version="27" max-version="27" />

Not yet.

The info.xml is the first step, so you can install the app and test the app (now you can probably override this and say you want to install an untested app).

For example:
Files download limit is just distributed in the 1.0.1 version over the app store. You can enable it as untested app. We would need to test the 1.1.0 version from github and then ask the developer to release this version via the app store.

And to keep the code up to date, running the logs in debug mode ( helps to spot the use of code parts that will be deprecated in future versions and trigger a warning.

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I did not see it listed but the News app is also not compatible with 27.

I’m sory, but that is not true:

   App-Id          news
   App-Name        News
   Summary         An RSS/Atom feed reader
   Category(s)     multimedia
   App-Version     22.0.0-beta2
   PHP min/max     7.4 /
   PHP min-intsize 64
   Required libs   libxml >= 2.7.8, curl, dom, SimpleXML, iconv, json
   Databases       pgsql >= 10, sqlite, mysql >= 8.0
   NC min/max      25 / 27

The 22.0.0-beta2 works excelent.


occ app:update --allow-unstable -- news

or use nc-apps script to stay informed about- and apply newest updates, so that you can test if available.

Much luck.

Nice! thanks for the solution.

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I released files_scripts:3.0.0 yesterday (with NC 27 support)

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took out fulltextsearch as it conflicts with groupfolders. See open issue appearing in the links.

Ownpad 0.8+ now supports Nextcloud 27.

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For NC28, we continue here:

Thanks for all the testing and feedback.

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