App Menu shows only 7 Apps + 3 dots

The app menu of my NC 14.0.4 is only showing 7 Apps + 3 dots with the other apps. How can I change this?

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Larger screen? I think there is a setting that the menu must not use more than xx% of the width. If you want to change this, there is probably a setting somewhere in the css-files, the webmaster-tools of your browser can help you to find it.

Really? Larger Screen? How large should the screen be? I’m using 2x24"+1x20" with a total of 3330 pixels and I can stretch the windows over all three screens and it still shows only 7 Apps.
I modified the js.js file to minApps = 25 and it works.

giggle - but no. we once had the discussion here about how many items should be shown at menu-bar. i had suggested to have it depended to screensize which would end up having more than a dozen in a row (if your screen is big enough and if you have as much apps installed). dev’s didn’t like the idea so they came up with 8 (aka 7+1)… which still looks strange on larger screens.

there is a setting you can tweak. but it’s gonna be overwritten with each update.

i still don’t understand why this one isn’t adjustable via UI. it would be one just one variable you could enter somewhere.

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yep, this is what I did.
It would be nice if this can be adjusted in the UI

i’m with you… but i already had my try for this on github… so if you wanna try it again: do it. if you’d post your issue here it’ll get a +1 from me :slight_smile:

I think they don’t like to put too many options. However, there might be ways to integrate this in the design, e.g. putting a vertical bar at the right hand side of the three dots and make it possible to move this bar with your mouse to show more menu items directly.