APP Circle - Change status


Can you tell me if I can give the Owner status to several users for a circle ?

NextCloud v12

No, there can only be one Owner per circle; However with the recent release of 0.11 you should be able to give Moderator and Admin rights to your members, or transfer your ownership to another member.

Thanks a lot for your reply
I didn’t see that the v0.11 was released
The moderator and admin rights should be a good alternative for my problem

Is there a way to send notification when someone get an invitation to join a circle or when someone ask to join a circle ?

Circles is now (almost) fully integrated into Activity. You can setup the notification from the Personal Settings and they will be displayed on the Activity App. However you cannot receive the notification by mail yet. I will add the feature to 0.11.1

Thank you for your reply and thank you for your work.
By notification, I meant mail notification
We have just installed nextCloud and we don’t use activty so much for the moment