Any advise on How to host NextCloud on Ubuntu?

Hi Folks,

I’m an ex MS Windows user, and new to Ubuntu, and running it on my laptop as I’m trying to take more ownership of my data without Big Tech.

I have another machine ready to go, and I’d like to turn it into a Nextcloud personal server. My first thought was Ubuntu because that’s what I’m learning. But, any advice on how to get Nextcloud installed on Ubuntu for hosting? Or is there another easier way for someone who’s just starting out? I’d like it to be accessible from outside my local LAN.

As a side note, a few months ago, I purchased the VM from Hansson IT, but I didn’t have a decent way to host the VM. So I set it up on my Synology DiskStation, but didn’t work very well. Is there a preferred VM app that works best on Ubuntu for something like the Hansson VM?

Also, I’m considering switching to Fedora as I like some of its features.

The same as you… I switched from external suppliers of cloud service to “do it yourself”
I have a low-cost PC for the purpose as you because I decided to go via self-hosting at home. (2+2 Procesor, 16 GB RAM, 2x 4 TB raid1) - investment 500 €.
Using Proxmox as virtualisation software on this machine. It is the best platform for me.

1st virtual is Ubuntu server 20.04 + snap Nextcloud installation (it is no need to install something extra via command line) - I do not need to any upgrade because snap is updated automatically.
2nd VM is ubuntu server 20.04 + dockers (NGINX proxy manager is one from the dockers…that is used for secure HTTPS access to my Nextcloud server from the internet… and for other apps too.
3rd VM is for HOME Assistant…
So what I want to say is… you can run whatever you want at your home… not only Nextcloud server.

There is a lot of tutorials on Youtube that I used for this but it is not complicated.

I wrote a guide for doing a Docker setup of the previous version if your interested in trying that. It thus tone of many viable ways to install it.

The snap version may be better suited to you if you’re that new to this. It’s less flexible, but you don’t have to do a whole lot more than just… turn it on.

Try the official guide Installation on Linux — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

I am sure that SNAP installation is the most convenient way how to install Nextcloud for the user that is switching from Windows to Linux.
I use it more than a year and must say that updates/upgrades are relatively often as a new version of Nextcloud is available.
Nextcloud SNAP is possible to install during Ubuntu server installation … all in one.

Hi @DadOfRCA ,

If you want to do it yourself (so there won’t be hundreds of uses) you can use any PC / any VMHost on almost any hardware and I would recommend to use the cheapest possible at first. Like a raspberry pie 3b or an old laptop (for free).

Keep in mind that you need to change the router settings so you can access nextcloud from outside (like your smartphone). You may want to point a Domain to your external IP Adress.

Then use the Installation on Linux — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation like christophWurst pointed out.

That works and you learn a lot.

Otherwise you can still buy a nextcloud hardware with software for example from . This way is the easy way but you have still total hardware control.

I’m now on Linux Mint, and it’s VERY well on my machine. I was also able to get snap and Nextcloud installed. Now, I’m working on configuration. Thanks.