Android 2.0 with contacts backup, search, fingerprint locking, notifications and much more

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Hm, I am confused now. Are you saying that you rely solely on mass beta testing rather then on any formal QA prior to releasing the app? I looked but could not find a testplan or something. Please share insights … it would be kind of shocking for me to learn that no formal testing is happening at all … I guess I should only rely on anything above 2.0.3 or so … links to the process very welcome!

Hi @Escubaer

That is true afaik to some extend. There is QA like automated unit tests, code analysis/metrics, code reviews etc. but there is no test plan as such at least not to my knowledge or as a document(ation) but maybe @tobiasKaminsky knows more about this since I don’t do official releases.

Hi Andy,
any news on having in app txt edit back in the next release?

Hi @sky

Highly unlikely from my point of view since the focus is to get end-to-end encryption ready for the next release which is time consuming. Best alternative I am aware of would be to use the nextcloud notes android app.