Allow public upload and show but not delete

Hi there !
I don’t have a solution, but I’d really like this feature to appear in Nextcloud, so I bump the idea.
Any update on this ?

Have you tried it ?
Did it solve your problem ?

Yes, it seems to actually work. A user reported on Github that he tried and that it worked for him:


This is so great to know, thank you so much!

Add a local external storage and share.

It seems to work when I create two share links: Link A for Upload (File drop) and Link B for Read only. I can send both to my “party guests”.

Frankly, an option “Upload and allow read access” wouldn’t be to complicated as option. Since “Upload and allow Edit” is also an option (please excuse, if the translations aren’t correct, I translated it quickly from German)

Yes. But you can also create a markdown document and share it.


I think this solution is only useful if you use 301-redirect from a better name e.g.
https://www.myserver.tld/party -> 301 to md-file in nextcloud

I think in an email you can also post both links for direct access.

Nice idea too :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.