All users can see all other users (where the users are listed)

When logged in as a user, I can click the “users” icon in the top right corner and see all other users on the server, even those not in current users group.

How can I disable this?

Of course, I want the users to be able to see the other users, which are in their group and be able to auto-complete names of users in their groups.

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One possible solution is disable the App “Accessibility” but this won’t allow even to auto browse users belongs to your group.

Isn’t this a flagrant critical privacy issue?

How can Nextcloud display other users accounts, which could be their whole name, to other users of different companies?

Oh yes it is flagrant breach of user’s privacy and it falls perfectly under GDPR scope, so all the best.
And this is another example why NC should disappear.

Whats about this function?

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Where can I find this function in NC 16.0.4 ?
I do not speak German, so I can’t find where it is.
I want the same things, users in one group can only see other users in the same group in user list, contact proporsals, etc.

Thank you

I also wonder when this bug will be fixed or if there is a hack somehow

Has anyone an update, been quite a while… Got a report that this is still valid.

Does this post maybe help (It’s mentioning the same thing that @freumichCH has hinted at above - it’s in the sharing settings) Not sure if restricting sharing also has effects on general user visibility, but maybe worth a try?

I tried a quick search in the server bugtracker for an issue regarding this, but didn’t yet find anything; I’d recommend to do a thorough search there, maybe you find an according issue to which you could add your voice; if there’s nothing there yet, I would recommend you to submit a new issue there, so that the developers notice your need!

Edit: Also just found this other, older topic - there seems to be a way to disable autocomplete via config

Simply disable following Options in SettingsSharing (https://FQDN/index.php/settings/admin/sharing):

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Shouldn’t “different companies” have their own nextcloud instance?
Also check the switch “Restrict users to only share with users in their groups”, this way users will only be aware of users who are in the same groups as they are.

thanks all for the input! Fixed.

@Larry_Boyd Not really, you should be able to prevent user “groups” from seeing one another, it doesn’t matter if its a company or user-group, this ought to work to keep privacy on a high level.

Apart from that one might say its a best practice to isolate companies and i cannot agree more, if one has the resources. But either way should be entirely fine.

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Can you tell us how you fixed it, for future users that might have the same problem?