A new go @ installing Nextcloud - any tutorial for dummies please

Hi to all, after a failed try back in October here i am to tryout a new go on having a next cloud installation

I have spinned a test server with the specs:
1 Core Intel® Xeon® E5-2650L v4
1 Gb Ram
20 Gb SSD
VMWare hypervisor
and 2 Tb transfer monthly

My idea it’s to run it for a team of 3 for now but it will go up to 14 users, so i would like your take if i got a bad server for it.

I am a complete zero at linux, i did install a few servers following some tutorials that were step by step in a way that even a dummy like would handle it.

I don’t mind running any OS out there, my biggest concern it’s to find a install tutorial really easy to follow.
Since i know the specs of the server aren’t great, if there is a choice to get a tutorial that can perform well on this test server i got that would be great.

I would also like to trade services, in case i won’t be able to get it working, and i can trade my design skills with your programming ones. I am sorry to put it this way if i could i already would hired a freelancer to set it up for me.

I welcome all the input, direction and help you can give me on this.
Hopping this time i can get it working …at last

Thank you

Try this one:

I’m about if you need help.


Your guide is very complete. I wonder if it would be worth to include or link to it from the documentation as a reference for debian/ubuntu setups. A step by step guide is really missing and similar setups are wiedely used. @jospoortvliet

@JasonBayton Just one thing about the encryption section (https://bayton.org/docs/nextcloud/installing-nextcloud-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts-with-redis-apcu-ssl-apache/#6-6-server-side-encryption-optional):
For me, the wording is too positive and doesn’t reflect possible problems. It was designed for external storages, therefore the protection on a single remote server is limited and with NC 13, client-side encryption will offer real solution for this use-case.

What I’m missing in most of the encryption documentatios are clear procedures, how to backup and restore files. Especially Nectcloud points out the advantage to control your own data, so people must know how to implement this correctly without the risk to loose their data. We have too many open and unresolved topics regarding encryption.


Happy to adjust that!

I’ve done very little with encryption so it’s just there to tick the box of including it. Encryption tasks like backup and restore will likely need their own guide.

Yeah, it IS a great tutorial and it might make sense to put it somewhere, I just don’t know where… Perhaps the docu needs a ‘third party doc’ link, linking to eg Carsten Riegerde’s many blogs, too.

You may also be interested in this one: