85% faster LDAP, 10x read/write speed of Windows Network Drive: Welcome to Nextcloud 13 Beta

@earth Sorry, that was meant for @clickwir.

Regarding your problem, both Dropbox and Google Drive support were removed from the server core. For Dropbox there is a barely working app, for Google Drive there is no replacement atm. If you use a different external storage type, then it could be a different problem though. In that case you should take a look into the logs if you can see something.

I am just talking about local storage ( Harddrive attached to my orangepPi(nextcloud)).
I can see the link of the attached HDD, but i cant open it.
I can open it by right clicking on that folder and selecting open in new tab,
dont understant what wrong is going,
Do i need to do any process before upgrade for attached local storage.
Please guide.

Huh, why this?? I mean generally I totally agree to keep the core slim and clean, but if signifikant features like this are removed, there needs to be an app available to add it again. I mean yes I use Nextcloud to get rid of Google and Dropbox, not to then add it again, but others do. And if there is currently no replacement it will just break their Nextcloud as they used it, or did I missunderstand something?

€: Ah sorry just read the gh issue that it is due to google drive (dropbox the same?) security feature…

Sorry, admin password is changeable and is now wrong? :thinking:

It resets every hour, so it’s working fine again now :slight_smile:

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i have exactely the same issue with the “versionstring: 13.0.0 Beta 1”

i also cannot access my external folders out of the main/root directory, i only can access them through “right click” - open in new window!

the “external storages” are mounted storages with local paths.


Awesome work!, thanks a lot for this.

Any news regarding chat integration?


We’re having the same issue. Not sure how the claim can be made that NC 13 is 10x faster with read-writes to Samba shares if no one can access said shares through the interface!

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@jospoortvliet @spy0r I upgraded to NC 13 beta 3 this morning. However, I’m still unable to access SMB file shares. This is CentOS 7.4 with PHP 7.1 (Remi)

Because when it works it’s 10x faster? :wink:

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Since NC13 Beta 3 i can’t access SMB file shares…
10x faster is a funny thing in this situation :joy::joy::joy:

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I was able to access it by right clicking on the share and opening it in a new tab. @Toddie :grinning:

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And when I finally did gain access, it wasn’t any faster than in previous versions of Nextcloud.

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And when I finally did gain access, it wasn’t any faster than in previous versions of Nextcloud.

Note the qualifier “if you use php-smbclient”. If you don’t, no difference :wink: Also, it is in sequential read/write so that means only when reading or writing large files.

Ok, I should have noted that we are using php-smbclient:

PHP Version 7.1.12
libsmbclient Version 0.9.0

then indeed sequential file transfers should be a lot faster and/or have lower cpu usage on the server (if your bandwidth is saturated it can’t go faster, obviously…)

See https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/6157 for details on the change

About the blog post title: Using percentage to indicate performance improvements is somewhere between weird and wrong. See the article What We Talk About When We Talk About Performance and consider just saying “x times faster” next time.

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It’s only wrong if it doesn’t mean what it says … percentage improvements are fine. 85% faster is less than twice as fast, so “x times faster” is a bit difficult to use. “0.85 times faster”?

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The final version is out:

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