32-bit support ends with Nextcloud 24, which reachs EOL 05/2023

According to Maintenance and Release schedule Nextcloud 24 will be supported until 05/2023. This means 32-bit systems might continue to receive updates through May, but think of this as…

Nextcloud 24 will be supported with bug fixes through May of 2023

Time to Change Architectures

This is not surprising news, 32-bit support was already discontinued, but now it will not work at all as of Nextcloud 25.

Nextcloud 25 requires 64-bit systems

The requirement of 64-bit is now in the official documentation requirements for Nextcloud.

So long 32-bit, but thanks for the years of support!

Understandable if this is a surprise for some, but do be grateful you just had many years of support for your aging 32-bit system. :heart: :computer:


Actually, that gave me the great opportunity to finally change my Pi4 to a 64bit OS. I did not even know that it exists, my Pi was a bit of an old leftover. Now it features a NC25 with a new life. Also got rid of many “testing” installations of strange software. The whole updating didn’t even take long and was overdue. But the 25 runs fine on it, seems to even outperform my Intel NUC with a core i3. :slight_smile:


It seems they still patch stuff for 32-bit systems in NC25: