21.0.1 breaks jpgs in photos

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Hi, after i upgrade to 21.0.1 from 21.0, i find that i get an error loading jpgs from my phone camera uploads. it works flawlessly in 21.0. I’m running php8 and all else seems to work.

Sorry to hear you’re facing problems :slightly_frowning_face:

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Would be nice to know what error you got. Also which phone, which app, etc. Logfiles. You ignored the template, it was exactly done for that purpose that you don’t miss important information :wink:

Sorry. :frowning: Let me collect it and i’ll paste in this afternoon.

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the photos are quite large as i’m using the highest resolution of a samsung note 20, but as i mentioend they work fine in 21.0.0. if i revert to 21.0.0, the same picture that was uploaded using 21.0.1 works with no efforts made.

I’ve read external storage, so could this be your issue? Files on SMB-share corrupted while up- and downloading · Issue #26457 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

I don’t think so because the pictures aren’t actually corrupted. I can open them from the file system just fine. Additionally, I tried taking a snapshot before upgrading to 21.0.1, upgrading, uploading a picture, confirming the picture showed the error in the ui, then restoring the 21.0.0 snap shot. Immediately upon restoration to 21.0.0 the photo that was uploaded to the later version shows up just fine in the 21.0.0 ui.

So you are not using SMB as external storage?

I am, but again, the file itself is not corrupted and fully openable after upload. As I stated 21.0.0 works 100% with displaying the file, but 21.0.1 does not. If I upload a file on 21.0.1 it shows error opening it. If i then use 21.0.0 to browse the exact same file and folder it works just fine.

Are you able to try out the workaround mentioned in Nextcloud Version 21 ... All files Corrupt When Downloading - #4 by szaimen ?
If the workaround does work, we know that it is the same issue. If it doesn’t, it is most likely not.