2 nextcloud servers cloning

Hey, i have 2 servers , one is the Nextcloud-main.domain and another nextcloud server Nextcloud-backup.domain.

i need to know if there is a real-time clone between the two servers.
i tried to use “federation” feature . which works really well when both machines are up.
but once i turned the machine off (main) i was expecting to reach to Nextcloud-backup.Domain and still have all the files available from Nextcloud-Main.domain.

i was hoping “federation” is cloning the files from one machine to another. which didn’t happened.

is that even possible ? if so what is the solution. and do i need to configure anything else?

It is not supported within Nextcloud. Mirroring would be done at the filesystem level with ZFS on Truenas or containers. It is not supported in Nextcloud short of an SQL clustering or similar.

Hi @Ron_Nahmany,

I would recommend using Corosync, it can replicate files and the database between machines.