1 Click Collabora Set-up

Hi all,
I really love NextCloud, but one thing has been holding me back, Collabora setup. This process is overwhelming and difficult as someone who is relatively new and shaky with running multiple servers and trying to get them to all work together. Even with great reference guides, it is still very confusing. Which is why I am proposing an app/feature that will allow NextCloud to automatically setup a Collabora server for you. Thanks in advance for anyone who responds!

  • Jah-On

Hey @Jah-On

Yes I agree Collabora is a PITA to setup however I don’t thing you are going to find a one click installer anytime soon. Just way too many variables in my opinion. You can run collabora natively or containerized, it could be run on the same machine as the host or on a completely different machine. You may or may not want to run a reverse proxy in front of collabora, etc. You are probably just going to have to stumble through it like everyone else.

Hmm, could it be embedded into NextCloud? As having it in a different instance/server/VM seems unnecessary.

I run mine on the same host as NC using Docker and a reverse proxy. I wrote a guide on how to do it if you’re interested.

I understand however its possible to run 2 or more nextcloud instances which could theoretically use the same collabora server.

Why not use the Onlyoffice and Community Document Server instead?

That is essentially a one click install.


Onlyoffice is definitely easier to install but its not one click – you need to setup the server. No way thats one click.

Ever since version 18 of Nextcloud all you need to do is in Apps download and enable OnlyOffice and the Community Document Server. That’s it… Literally!! Once you do that then you have natvie collaborative document editing in Nextcloud. It might not be “One Click” but it’s definitely less than “Five Clicks” :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your great replies and suggestions!