Youtube-dl <=> ocdownloader: the real youtube-video-url could not be found


I’m using the latest oc downloader on NC 21.0.2 on Ubuntu 20.0.4.
Always get the error “the real youtube-video-url could not be found”. Found out that it seems to be the youtube-dl path.

Installed youtube-dl with pip3 install --user youtube-dl
Fine, it is placed in ./.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/youtube-dl.

Added this path in oc downloader, but same error & youtube-dl binary can not be found. But it is in.
Tried all typs on the web, no luck.
Also installed with snap, file should be in /usr/local/bin, youtube-dl https://… starts then I got the error “youtube says” data could not be extracted. But also this path does not work in the OC downloader menu

Has anyone a working config?


Think twice before installing YouTube video downloaders…