Your storage is almost full / wrong quota

As configured and expected the available storage is shown in the personal area of my user:
You are using 549.2 GB of Unlimited
But in the file-App a wrong messages appears on top of nextcloud:
Your storage is almost full (95%)
I mounted my synology nas to /var/ownc_data/user and do not have configured any quota on my nas. 549,2 GB out of 1,7 TB are used so enough storage remains on my NAS.
How can i recalculate the amount of available data?
Thanks in advance, Carsten

nextcloud: thank you very much - great job!

webDAV - related ISSUE:
Explained on github

Hi riegerCLOUD,

i need your help, my owncloud cannot delete file or data “Your storage is almost full (98%)”.

i was follow your solutions, and i was changed helper.php and config.php. but error notification “Your storage is almost full (98%)” are still happened.

‘quota_include_external_storage’ => false,
‘filesystem_check_changes’ => 1,


thank you

hi, do all users have quotas or are any set to unlimited? please try to set all users to a dedicated quota and restart nextcloud server/services. Looking forward to your response :slightly_smiling_face:

did that and still this warning.
Warning starts with 90%

My situation:
I have no users with unlimited storage and everything looks as it should on the users page (quota is calculated correctly):


, but in the sidebar it is incorrect and I keep getting the notification twice:



Hi Petre,

Did you find a solution for your problem, Im having the same issue?



Sorry, I didn’t :frowning:
I had to move servers for different reasons so I don’t have the issue any more.