Your experience with Group Folders

I still see many bugs within the Group Folder app on github.
Do you recommend its use despite this?
I wouldn’t want to end up with orphaned files and inoperative rights.
It seems to me that it is also just to entrust an administrator with the creation of folders and their sharing using the basic functionalities of NC?

I’m running on NC21.

Thank you for your feedback.

My experience is that they give too many problems.

It is a nice feature, but it is giving me so many problems in each update. One of the problems is that you “delete” all the folders with no trace of them if you disable it. Sometimes it disables itself during an update, so you keep on resyncing everything.

This app should leave folders and files back to the server, once there is any problem, but they just dissappear.

Do not use it yet, this is my advice, from a guy that is restoring the nextcloud after problems with this app, updating to nextcloud 21


I use it since two years. We have 70 users and about 15 groups. Each group has its groupfolder. Users can belong to many groups. This is very handy when you want to allow different access rights to the members.
Have not had any issues. It is true that all folders becomes invisible if the groupfolder app is deactivated in some upgrades and needs to be reinstalled but the folders and files shows up after the reactivation.
Ordinary folders and groupfolders should not have the same name otherwise the ordinary folder becomes invisible when groupfolders are active. And vice versa they will show up when the app is inactivated. It will make the confusion and make you believe the files have disappeared.
But I see from github that the later NCversions have had problems. I am on 20.0.12. I plan to upgrade but will test it first on a testserver before doing it on the production server.

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Where is the group folders app? On my NC 22.1.1 it is not available in the apps section anymore