Your data directory and files are probably accessible from the Internet

So when coming to upgrade my install I noticed this warning!!

Your data directory and files are probably accessible from the Internet. The .htaccess file is not working

I am currently using Nginx as a proxy to my nextcoud service which is running the default apache virtualhost. I assume the .htaccess would work being located in document root, is that not the case?

If not, with my setup what am I supposed to do?

How does your apache config look like? Maybe have a look at this:

As mentioned I am using default Apache config on the host, and a lightweight nginx config on the proxy server.

Therefore my htaccess should be being utilise shouldn’t it?

  AllowOverride All

This line in the directory config of apache makes the htaccess working. You should add the nextcloud directory-config to the host config of apache as noted in the docs…

@swindhab Just coming back to this.

So I have my proxy (nginx), passing to another local server with Nextcloud installed on it, and that is running Apache with the default nextcloud conf. This includes a Directory / location block and includes the directive and value “AllowOverride All”

What exactly are you saying I’m missing here?

Would you mind to share your apache config?

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