You have new mail?

I have been running my nextcloud server on a raspberry pi 3 for about 6 months now. I recently switched to booting and running my Pi3 from a hard drive and it has been running flawlessly since, i ssh’d into my Pi a few days ago and got this message in the banner(You have new mail). The issue i have is that I’m not running any type of mail service on this system. Has anyone else seen this and if so what is it in reference too? I am running the latest version of nextcloud and even after updating the message has persisted.nextcloudpi

It’s likely output from your Cron jobs.

@nachoparker can confirm

yep, that’s what it should be, there’s a bunch of things that run off cron. Can you confirm? if it were something weird I would like to know so it can get fixed :wink:

edit: ncp tag?

Meant to ncp tag it, accidentally hit external storage (my bad, mobile…)

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Yes it is in fact from cron, but it has never done that before that was what had me curious. Thanks the help!