"You don't have permission to upload or create files here" (QNap, Docker)

Hello everyone,

I can’t find a suitable solution to my problem. Therefore, I hope to get a tip to get a solution :slight_smile:

My setup:

QNap NAS with 2 WD Red hard drives in RAID array. Various containers I’m using via Docker. Among others, one for Nextcloud Hub v21 and one for ne MariaDB v10.4. My data, which I manage with Nextcloud, is lying on the 2 WD hard drives within the QNap.

My problem:

I use the group folders here, so that different users are allowed to view corresponding group folders here depending on their group membership (parents are allowed to read and write/change; Children only read).
The days I pulled up a Windows computer next to my Linux computers here and received the error message when syncing with the Windows Client App that a file cannot be synced due to the file name. In a subfolder (3-4 levels deep) there is a file named DSC_0552.JPG and the same file named DSC_0552.jpg. I never noticed this on Linux.
As a solution, I wanted to delete one of the files, but get the instruction specified in the title via the web app and thus have no chance to delete the file.

I am only denied file access at the deeper level. On parent folders, the rights fit.

Then I logged into the QNap itself and made sure via the FileManager that READ + WRITE … Rights exist. For the test I also gave “others” full rights. That doesn’t help either.

At groupfolders I discovered the advanced permissions and tried it. But also without success.

Now I have no idea. Since I don’t really want to delete the data, I would still “not care”, but the sync on Windows stops with it and that is annoying.

Maybe one of you has an idea/workaround or something?

Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile: