You did not enter the password in time An error occured during the request. Unable to proceed

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Nextcloud version 14:
Operating system and version Freenas 11.2-RC2 in iocage jail:
Apache or nginx version Apache 2.4):
PHP version 7.2:

The issue you are facing:

I am the administrator of my Nextcloud server and when I am logged in, after some time of innactivity, if I need to make changes to anything Admin related (ie: enabling apps…) I am being asked to enter the password.
The password dialog shows up and remains active for a short instant. I have a fairly long password and most of the time I do not have the time to enter it and the web interface is returning an error message.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? N:

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Accessing the web gui and wait for some time.
  2. Access the admin section and change some parameters or enable change apps
  3. When prompted for password, just wait about 5-10 seconds.

Is there a way to increase the time need to enter password?

Have a look here:

Final note right at the bottom: Will be shipped in 14.0.4

Hi Apollo
it is the same with debian 9.6 and nextcloud 14.0.3 and php 7.0.30
i only have some seconds. not enough for my password.
I hope there will be a way to increase the time
I didn’t see starfish. Sorry.