You bidirectional fodler sync setup


I’m struggling implemet bidirectional folder syncing with android. I learned that this isn’t possible with Nextcloud atm. So I’m quite interessted how you, fellow nextcloud user, implemented this.

I’m using a folder with a bunch of .md-Files as for note taking. Existing files are synced by the android nextcloud client, but new files aren’t, because the nc-client doesn’t pick them up.

Thatfore I’m looking for a solution to sync a folder from android to the nextcloud server while still keeping the nextcloud-android app for other syncing (InstantPhotoUpload, other sync stuff). I also enjoy using the Nextcloud desktop app to sync the notes from desktop.

The best setup I can imaging up to now (didn’t test it or even set it up): use the nextcloud command line client on the server to sync my notes folder from nextcloud to a local path on the server. Then use a tool like syncthing to sync bidrectionally sync this server local folder to android.

If anybody has any comments on my idea or a working setup that does what i look for, please share your thoughts!