Yet Another WebDav Thread

I’ve searched through and seen quite a few of the disable webdav threads, and one theme I see is, “why?” (putting the onus on the user to explain the need) and the other is “it’s hard to do” without really a clean example of how (user-agent is easy to spoof).

In any case, we would like to have an instance where people could not use the sync clients and or connect other WebDav based clients. We have sensitive files and while the security would be in place (eventually we are thinking, of course), we don’t want to make it easy to keep lots of sensitive documents everywhere for accidental exposure or sharing. In fact, we would probably turn off most of the sharing features (which so far, I have, including things like Photos, and recycle, and versioning, and sharing with teams, etc).

Is there a way to do so? It makes the argument with my infosec team much harder…

I hope that covers the bases for why.

Still configuring it (and it will be connected to an sftp back end basically, and we want to/are hoping to use the product to create different shares for different groups of users to different parts of that server. Third-party, not under our control, one user id and password)


I don’t know if Nextcloud will operate correctly without WebDAV enabled. Maybe someone knows.

If your documents are that sensitive to the point you want to go to all this trouble, cloud storage may not be the place to store them.

Thanks for the Input.

It will be a local nextcloud server for sure. It is a weird situation where our documents are house with a third-party, but we need to authenticate and authorize different parts of remote external storage to different internal groups. What our vendor has given us (and we are stuck with it) is a single user id and password. Nextcloud is a way of addressing it. We were using another older product, but the updated version of that product just felt like too much effort for sftp mount points (Fuse and the requirements for creating multiple shares was a going to be a major pain or looked to be a major pain based on what our third-party vwendor has configured… ugg)