Yesterday, fresh install. Today, problems

I did a fresh snap install on a fresh ubuntu 18 install yesterday. And playing around with NC for a bit everything seemed to be working. Then I messed with other stuff for the rest of the day. Today I went back to NC and it was throwing errors and wouldn’t even render the login page. I tried maintenence:repair and I am getting an error. Any help would be appreciated.

Error info at

Hi @tinjaw

The Nextcloud Snap package is pretty much self-contained. So either you did something to it… or the issue has something to do with the “other stuff” you messed with… :wink:

So two questions:

  1. What was the last thing you did with Nextcloud while you were playing around with it and it still was working? What apps did you install?

  2. What was this “other stuff” you messed with?

Thanks for the help.

Too much stuff to really make worth investigating, unfortunately.

My best best at this point is to probably do a fresh install and be more careful. :wink:

Is there a way to export my present configuration, delete my current instance of NC, do a fresh install of NC, and import my configuration?

[edit] I mean export without things currently running.

I am not an expert on the Nextcloud Snap… But there is a CLI utility for exporting/importing the data and the configuration.

I don’t know if this requires the Nextcloud to be fully functional. But I assume that the snap package has to be up and running for the CLI utilities to work.

This may also be useful in this context: