XMPP Chat + Nextcloud Talk

Is it possible to combine the xmpp chat with nextcloud talk? This way you would always have the chats in Netxtcloud Talk in view.


AFAIK that is on the roadmap for Talk but not yet implemented. But I am really looking forward to that feature too.


This is indeed true.

You can use the current mobile Talk client too.

I agree it would make sense to have these intergrated or at least working together, I have some Ansible roles to install and configure Coturn and Prosody and was wondering if I could add the Coturn configuration details to the XMPP chat config, specifically these fields:

still a feature request, isn’t it?

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After testing Talk, I wonder why they started from scratch instead of implementing XMPP instead.
I personally think that Talk is far away from prime time, but still better than the nextcloud official email client :smiley:

Anyhow, is there a timeline for making talk more xmpp compatible or whatsoever, especially after Federation is a very often used buzzword in combination with nextcloud?


Any progress on this yet? Personally XMPP, and many of the XMPP clients, already have everything I would like in talk… except Nextcloud integration.

Does anyone know a github issue that could be watched/ added to?

Matterbridge allows you to bridge Talk and XMPP chats. You can install it from the appstore.

Hi, I have configured the jabber server using pidgin. And bridged with Nextcloud talk, everything is working great.

The message which I have sent from nextcloud talk can be visible in Jabber but the reply from jabber can’t able to visible in nextcloud. Can you or anyone please help me to solve this problem?