X.x.x.x is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

I follow this [https://github.com/nextcloud/docker/tree/master/.examples/docker-compose/with-nginx-proxy-self-signed-ssl/mariadb/fpm] , only add redis and fill some values.
install docker-compose version is 1.24.
after using docker-compose up -d, it can’t pass the graphic procure step one for creating database. i got the error as mentions in the title.

Was the db for nextcloud created after db-container up, or through the web install procedure?
I found that after running 'docker-compose up -d ', there were no datebase named nextcloud or user named nextcloud in db_container.
after changing host by “update user set host = ‘%’ where user = ‘root’;” the error changed to:
‘Access denied for user ‘nextcloud’ (using password: YES)’
does this mean db container is not setup correctly? because user and db nextcloud are not created

I have solved my problem, just because i put password between single quotes, like this MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=‘passwd’, and make the mariadb can’t init database and user for nextcloud.

after i delete single quotes, the graphic install process continue to success.