Wrong mapping while sync with CardDav / Davdroid


For the last years I’ve used MS-Exchange for mails, contacts, calendar. Now I want to use IMAP for mail, and Nextcloud for contacts / calendar via carddav/caldav + Davdroid.

The problem is, when I add a contact in NC, e. G. “Duck, Donald”, the home phone-no. is (in german) “Privat”. That’s what I select in NC. It’s shown in Android as “Festnetz”. That’s not nice, but I can live with it if it’s only that.
But if there’s a second number (e. g. work) - called “Arbeit”, it’s shown also as “Festnetz”. So it’s impossible to know which is home and which is work … Support for Davdroid said, mabye a problem from NC??
Maybe it works, if everything is in english, but … (sorry) I’m German :smiley:
Is there a known solution??




I have also seen this issue. I set a ‘home’ and ‘work’ number using the contact app in Nextcloud. When synced to my android phone via DAVdroid, both numbers showed up as ‘Main’.

I also tested the sync with Thunderbird using the Sogo Connector. The Thunderbird sync correctly shows the ‘home’ and ‘work’ tags.

I tested again using Horde as the server and DAVdroid as the client. This shows the ‘home’ and ‘work’ tags correctly.


Nextcloud + DAVdroid = Not working
Nextcloud + Thunderbird = Working
Horde + DAVdroid = Working

Nextcloud is running version 10.0.0.

For the contacts app, there is no repo for Nextcloud, so you could raise this problem here: