Wrong folder label when going back from subfolder

Hey guys,

We are a small team, and we’ve been using the Nextcloud Android App for quite a long time to access the files stored on our Nextcloud server, and we are very happy with it’s features and performance.

Anyway, we’ve found some small issue, perhaps it’s a little bug, not really compromising functionality, but we want to share it with you, in case it helps someone to resolve this issue.

When you enter a folder inside another folder (for example in a 3 or more tree level of folders), at the top of the screen you can see the name of the folder you’re in. Everything’s ok.

But if you then tap on the back left arrow next to the name of the folder, and try to go up one level on the folder tree, instead of the name of the parent folder you only see “Nextcloud” and the common three-lined burguer menu on the left of this label.

If you tap again on this three-lined menu (and you are not at the parent folder level), you still can go up again in the folder tree (up to the parent folder), which means the function of the button is still “go upwards”, but the label is not right.

If you go inside another folder at any time when the top label is “Nextcloud”, the right name of the folder appears again on top, and also the left arrow. But when you tap this arrow and go up again to the parent folder, the name of the folder vanishes, and you only see the menu (but if doesn’t show if you tap this menu)

Afawk, it seems to be an issue that shows the main menu of the app at the top anytime you go upwards in the folder tree, despite the level you are in or the name of the folder, but as we said previously, the functionality of the button is not affected. It’s only a visualization issue.

App version: 3.23.1 (Android)

Unsure if this happens on other versions or OS.

Hope this information is useful.