Wrong email address based on the sub/domain?


The mobile app add the domain name as email address. Which is wrong email address. Not sure if it does matter or not.
For example: domain is cloud.mydomain.com and username is test12, so the mobile app make it as test12@cloud.mydomain.com and add it to the accounts sync section in the phone settings. Which is not maybe the right one as it should get the email from the server for that user. Which in this case maybe different.
e.g: test12@mydomain.com

Am i getting this wrong?


The account for nextcloud in your accounts settings is only used by the nextcloud app to connect to you Nextcloud server. It is not used as an E-Mail account by you Mail app!

At the moment there is no way to automatically configure your phone to get the E-Mail accounts specified in the Mail App inside Nextcloud. If you want to get this E-Mails, you have to add them manually to phone.

I Hope that makes it clear for you.

Thanks for the input on this.

Yes i understand that it is not the primary email for any sort of usage. Bdw it does show this email in the app too in the menu.
Just my two cents to use the proper email address from the server to give the right feeling. :slight_smile:

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hai guys,
sorry i have to open this discussion again since 2016 and now 2019 LOL.
i just don’t want to make any more discussion with the same problem.

my problem is same like @mmarif said
why does my email doesn’t show correctly in android app ?
it doesn’t feel right to see the wrong email written in android just because we have different domain.
can it fix to be based on the email address that we entered from user form ?
if can, it would be great. thank you.


Although the email address and login are using a similar syntax, they’re two pairs of shoes.
It doesn’t automatically mean that the login can always be used as an email address. This
should be seen as a coincidence.

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