Wrong disksize after increasing partition

Dear all.

I’m new here but have been using nextcloud (21.0.7) for a while now. I was running out of disk space which needed solving.
I’m running an ubuntu server (20.04) within hyper-V with a seperate virtual disk for data storage. I increased this disk size from 1,5TB to 2,8TB. In then used “growpart” to increase the partition in this disk to all available storage space.
If I run “lsblk” to show all devices I see my data partition with 2.8TB space (named /media/nextcloud_storage). (see attached image)
However when I log in on nextcloud and go the the admin panel it still shows the old disk space and not the new space. (see second attached image)
What am I forgetting to do to make sure nextcloud can use all disk space?

Thanks for any help.

What size do you see using df -h? Did you resize the file system?

resizefs /dev/sdb1

How could I forget something so simple/basic. I indeed forgot to resize the file system. :pensive:
Thanks for the help!

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