Wrong disk size reported in settings. Only visual?

Hey, I’ve attached a 12TB drive to my nc Raspberry Pi, which in the nc settings page only reports as a 2TB Disk.

fdisk -l shows

Device     Start         End     Sectors  Size Type
/dev/sdb1   2048 23437694383 23437692336 10.9T Linux filesystem

However the Settings Panel shows me a maximum of TB free space, the Size of the Disk grows as it gets fuller. What is the issue here?

Thanks in advance

check out the size with df -h. This tool probably doesn’t know that you can grow the disk.

If you wanted me to implement it: No disk size whatsoever will show up

you can also search the internet for “linux fdisk 2tb limit”. Sounds like you have used the “wrong” partion table to create a new partion.

So I guess there is no way without formating again?

Don’t format the disk again and save your time :wink:

If fdisk -l shows and/or df -TPk shows the right value it’s a bug in Nextcloud’s serverinfo app.

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