Wrong Collabora-version breaks Nextcloud update from 23.0.0 to 23.0.1, help!

I run Nextcloud using the docker image on Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit, fully upgraded. A restart pulled the latest 23.0.1 and the upgrade fails. Now I’m stuck and can’t start Nextcloud:

“Uppdatera till 23.0.1: Exception: App “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server (ARM64)” cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: The following architectures are supported: aarch64”

I’ve likely added Collabra once, but don’t use it, so I don’t mind getting rid of it. I’ve found suggestions how to fix this from the Nextcloud admin interface, but as I can’t get it started, past this error, I’m stuck. I don’t have the “richdocuments” directory in the apps drawer.

Any suggestions?

Log in via SSH to the machine and use the command-line options to disable/remove the Collabora related stuff and start the upgrade again from the command line?


Ok, I found the issue: I use a docker swarm with mixed architecture. As it was running on aarch64 before, but now launched on an amd64 node, the installation does not support this. The built-in the Collabra part is locked to aarch64 and therefore fails when the Nextcloud image runs on amd64 (which it supports for everything else).

Solution is to lock Nextcloud to aarch64 nodes for now. :-/