Writes the hard disk continuously

I’m a beginner in nextcloud, I installed it with a snap package, my problem is that linux starts writing the hard drive every 5-10 minutes, I checked it in htop and when it starts writing, it writes this:

/snap/nextcloud/31751/bin/mysqld --defaults-file=/snap/nextcloud/31751/bin/my.cnf --basedir=/snap/nextcloud/31751 --datadir/snap/nextcloud/31751/bin/ mysql --plugin-dir=/snap/nextcloud/31751/lib/plugin --lc-messages-dir=/snap/nextcloud/31751/share --log-error=…/logs/mysql_errors.log --pid -file=/tmp/pids/myqgl.pid --socket=/tmp/sockets/mysql.sock

Could you help me with this?

The cron job runs every 15 minutes by default. You can make it happen less frequently, if you like.

It will write more often than not once you start actually using it. Is this causing a problem, or are you just curious?