Write protect single files in shared folders


I used the group folder app to create a folder for a group.
In the group folder I have some Readme.md files that should be write protected.

Unfortunately I can not find any options to reduce the inherited permissions from the group folder.
I also tried the app temporary files lock and locked the Readme.md files. Other users saw the locks but were still able to change the files (so i am not sure if the app is working on nextcloud 22).

Is there any option to give user(group)s less permissions for a file or folder, than they have for the parent folder?

(only granting read permission on the group folder and create/write permissions for the other files and subfolders is not an optionhere, since there are 2k files)

Try Files Accesscontrol.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn’t work the way I need it to.

I entered “if filename is Readme.md block access” and all Readme.md became write and read protected. But I don’t want read protection. Only write protection. Also I am to stupid to enter paths in the filename field of rules to protect only specific files.

You right… Seems there is currently no app to do so. You can try to set chmod 400 or chmod 440 to the file on a local FS, this should prevent it from modification by any user.

@gas85 Not a good idea to manipulate file rights in the linux filesystem.
@freshg Please use Nextcloud features.

@devnull Can you explain which nextcloud feature I can use to solve this issue?

There is an app File access control (docs). But i do not know if this app solves your problem.

Also you can deactivate the direct edit of README.md at the top with chaning CSS. Also not tested.

Disable the Readme editor in folder header - #10 by kolja

Seems this feature is not implemented jet :frowning:

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