Worst bug, open for 3 years: looks synced when it's not


I hope I can create some awareness of this bug, one of the most severe bugs a sync client can have. The worst would be not syncing correctly, second worst is telling the user it is synced when actually it is not, which this report is about.

It is almost three years old. People developed virtual files in the meantime (cool!), but this goes unfixed?

last comment states it’s not reproducible in 3.2.2. I didn’t see it in my installation as well (Win and Linux) …

If you hit the bug it’s worth adding logs and describing the circumstances one more time. I bet 2 year old logs are useless for new client versions.

P.S. in my eyes the situation is not perfect but leaves lot of room for discussion: the client in state checking for changes can not reliable indicate if there are outstanding changes or not… even if you prefer “syncing” indicator and don’t see it is still far from worst bug


My point was that it does not show “checking for changes”, but it shows “synced”, when actually it is preparing to sync. So, worst case: i think everything is synced and go modifying some files, leading to lots of version conflicts and confusion. This happened multiple times (with other users). So yeah, maybe it is not THE worst bug, but it’s pretty bad imo.

And i think the person who checked it with version 3.2.2 came there because of my post (Thank you @ trvrcr)

@all thanks for your :clock1: and :muscle: