Worrying message after upgrade from 25.0.8 to 26.0.3

Client makes heavy use of groupfolders so this was worrying. However, groupfolders seem to be working fine and they are shown as enabled in apps.


You likely got this message because you would have been running an older version of groupfolders specific to NC25:

Once you upgraded to NC26 a newer version specific to NC26 was likely upgraded to.

It’s always recommended to check all apps for version differences and supported versions for the version of NC you’re moving to.

Sometimes one version of an app supports multiple NC versions. Other times an app isn’t updated for a newer version of NC. If that had been the case you might have ended up with an upgraded NC with groupfolders disabled outright. The app store lists the versions available and their mapping to particular NC versions.

It can admittedly be a bit of a pain to keep track of sometimes. I rely on three things:

  • Reviewing my key apps and their released versions and what they support prior to considering NC upgraded
  • Having a staging environment I upgrade first (very easy today with Docker and Docker compose deployments)
  • Updating conservatively and deliberately