Working with untagged bookmarks

Is there a way to search or filter or otherwise work with untagged bookmarks? Most of my bookmarks aren’t tagged, so I can’t find anything easily.

It would help me if the bookmarks app would let me set the tags of a number of bookmarks at the same time and if the app would let me use arbitrary text to filter the bookmarks.

If the bookmarks app could do that, then I could, for example, search for all bookmarks with “mail” in them and give them the tag “mail”.

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Hey :slight_smile:

It’s kind of a late reply, but the upcoming version of the app has all of these features, now :tada:

You can help get them released by testing the release candidate

I have been trying in different ways with version 3.4.3 but haven’t found a way to add a specific tag to a selection of bookmarks at the same time. Is that still not possible?

It was possible intermittently, until I rewrote the UI again. Sorry.