Working fork available but no reaction on pull requests

Hi there,

we forked the dashboard app and fixed it to be functional. But unfortunately there’s no reaction by the dev(s) on our pull request dating from march '18. Who’s in charge for getting fixes in and/or pushing the working version to


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maybe this would help?

i mean… of course you need to give your fork a new name and take care of the licencing model the original app was released under. and then you could do all of that above with YOUR app.

since dashboard somehow seems to be abandoned by it’s devs (would explain why they won’t answer on your push requests and all)

I pinged @Cult to have a look, let’s see.

I also pinged @bjoern and @juliushaertl to be save.

Hey Dany ! :wink:

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the time yet to have a look to this PR. I will test this this week-end !

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